Freeport is a small team-based team-orentated game where the player controls a ship for the purpose of going port-to-port carrying goods trying to turn a profit. Each game lasts 5 minutes, and the team with the most amassed money at the end wins.

BIG FISH IN A SMALL POND: In Freeport, there are two teams (Red and Blue, the “big fish”) who are competing in a relativity small environment (ports with goods, a “small pond”). Opportunities are limited and there isn’t enough room for two teams. The winning team at the end takes “control” of the bay.

BACK TO SQUARE ONE: One of the maps appear (unfortunately, not closely - but the puzzle did inspire the map) to a Back To Square One Rubics cube variation ( , in particular: )

BOTTOM OF THE BARREL: …The instructions are spoken in the tone of a pirate… who are known for… emptying barrels? Free ports are a mostly historical concept where sailors would do trade free of any exports/import taxes, tariffs, government awarded monopolies on markets, etc - basically trade without added fees apart from those bore by the port. In Freeport (mostly visible in the instruction) I mar this concept towards a series of poor shippers who use free ports as a launch pad to gain money though low income, but fee-free and low travel trades (aka bottom of the barrel contracts that aren't worth other shippers time), till they have enough money to bribe a port somewhere else ;P. If that concept has any historical value is unknown to me.