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 +====== King of Pickles ======
 +**Hub link**: http://​www.byond.com/​games/​Relkreim/​KingofPickles
 +===== Description =====
 +You are a glorious farmer in the field of farming for pickles, either grow your pickle growing empire back to it's former glory, or, freely grow as you wish the glory that is pickled cucumber or cabbage!
 +===== Theme explanations =====
 +**BIG FISH IN A SMALL POND**: In the aptly named Big Fish Mode, you're playing a pickle growing tychoon with enough money to plant the field over as much as you want, so you can set up your farm however you want/figure out what works best for you. Buuuut there'​s no farm upgrades so even if you have all that money you're pretty much limited to the small farm, aka little pond.
 +**BACK TO SQUARE ONE**: In the normal New Game mode, you don't have any of that, just enough to grow 3 cucumbers or 1 cabbage to restart a pickle farming empire, hence 'back to square one' compared to the other mode.
 +**BOTTOM OF THE BARREL**: The pickling process, the better '​products'​ are lower and lower in the barrel, with the best and biggest being, well, at the bottom of the barrel.