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 +====== BYOND the Anime ======
 +**Hub link**: http://​www.byond.com/​games/​RiceINF/​BTA
 +===== Description =====
 +You, a big shot in the indie games industry, are tasked with the challenge of winning the indie game jam on the 28th of January. That said, you have no team!
 +===== Theme explanations =====
 +**BIG FISH IN A SMALL POND**: A popular indie dev in a competition with few other well known competitiors. At least that was my take on this. I could have done a fishing/​fish based game like everyone else, but the theme is an idiom and those aren't to be taken literally... hence they'​re idioms.
 +**BACK TO SQUARE ONE**: If you fail, it's all over for you. Back to the start you'll go, with only your knowledge of your last failure to boot.
 +**BOTTOM OF THE BARREL**: Not all of your team members are the greatest in their fields, and your starting team is well... the bottom of the barrel. Furthermore,​ losing credibility puts you that much deeper into the '​barrel',​ meaning you're less likely to win the game jam. Failure to produce decent games puts you at the '​bottom of the barrel',​ and you'll have to work your way up to the top, again. That is if you want to win the game jam and thus maintain your team.