The rotten Gunbarrel Gills have kidnapped your son Guppo! Jump and punch your way from pond to pond and hunt down the nefarious gangsters! Be careful, though- the gang has set up numerous deadly traps and you will die many, many times on your way to save him!

BIG FISH IN A SMALL POND: This is probably the most obviously represented theme, and like Back to Square one, it's represented both heavily in story and gameplay. In Gigafish, you play as Gigafish, who is a big muscley reverse mermaid. All four main characters are also humorous variations on reverse mermaids. The game's “feel” is focused on making you feel extremely heavy and oversized. So if Gigafish is a big fish, then the small pond in the game is the level designs. The levels are desinged to feel tight and claustrophobic, with only small gaps of space for you to squeeze through without dying. This dichotomy of feeling oversized in a cramped environment makes the game feel unique and really rewarding to be good at. As another touch, in the level select, each level is represented by a small pond icon.

BACK TO SQUARE ONE: This is the most gameplay oriented theme, but there is a bit of story involved as well. The #1 inspiration of the game is Super Meat boy, a game in which you die many many many times to achieve a simple goal. I felt that this type of game was a really great representation of the “back to square one” idea because you'll constantly be met with the feeling of starting over. The second way that the game represents this theme is in the map select- although it might seem annoying at first, the character having to move from square one each time he enters the level select is a light poke at the theme as a joke. The third is the story, in which Gigafish's son Guppo is kidnapped repeatedly. The game draws a simple humor from the fact that Gigafish can't seem to get a break from the gang, always saving Guppo and then losing him again(going back to square one). The entire story of the game revolves around Gigafish trying to find a way to stop this cycle.

BOTTOM OF THE BARREL: The main antagonist of the game is the Gunbarrel Gang. The enemies are scummy looking fish with revolvers and fedoras. There's a gun barrel play on words here, but the actual plot of the game is about finding the “bottom of the barrel”. You search for the leader of the gang- the worst of the worst- in an attempt to stop his gang from kidnapping your son. As you get closer to the literal “bottom of the barrel”(the leader of the gang), the levels you encounter get increasingly challenging very fast.